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Do you offer any courses for experienced divers?
Yes we offer a wide range of follow on courses.
Advanced course. 5 dives, 2 days, $200
Rescue course. 4 days $300
Medic First Aid 1 day $100
Dive master 5 days $400

Do you offer any specialty certifications?
Nitrox $150
Deep 100
Navigation 100
Night 100
Wreck 150
Advanced Buoyancy 90
Photo call ahead
Naturalist 80

What are your a-la-carte rates?
Here are our prices; we have daily rates, that way you only pay for what you do. All boat diving days include u/l shore tanks for that day.
Unlimited shore tanks / day $20
Unlimited shore six day package $78
One boat dive + U/L shore tanks $35
Two boat dives + U/L shore tanks $50
Three boat dives + U/L shore tanks $60
Night boat dive, 8-person min. $25

Do you charge service charge?
Yes, a 10% service charge will be added to all dive bills.

What about camera rentals?
We rent Nikons and Sea & Sea cameras. If you want any instruction, please book in advance. Developing service is a short walk from the hotel.

What sets Dive Bonaire apart from the other shops?
Each of our local dive masters have been with us for 10 years + and are well known and respected in the industry. They ensure a safe experience while keeping things fun. Our fleet of 6 boats is the best on the island, with a level of comfort and convenience unmatched on Bonaire. The design of the dive facilities makes diving so easy; you'll keep coming back.